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Special Exhibition

Special Exhibition: “ARS VITA ESTA 〜The painter's journey in color〜”

ARS VITA ESTA The painter's journey in color

July 3rd 2021 (Saturday) - December 13th 2021 (Monday)
Latin, meaning "Art is Life - Life is Art," which is Koji Kinutani's credo.
Koji Kinutani - born in the ancient capital Nara and imbued with the teachings of Shintoism and Buddhism as his original guiding stars - spent part of his impressionable youth in Italy, where the large flowers of the Renaissance blossomed. Blessed with a wealth of stimuli and encounters, his artistic talent flourished alongside his fascination with enjoying the sweet life of "eating, singing and loving."
Since then, having established his own characteristic fresco (classic mural technique) painting style through combining eastern and western aesthetic sensibilities, Koji Kinutani has been consistently transmitting grand messages of dreams, hope and peace for half a century.
The concept of "Funi" (non-duality), which embraces contradictions such as tradition and innovation, [truths and falsehoods][truth and falsity], and his free, uninhibited perspective on art that undergoes kaleidoscopic changes of everything, simply express his total reverence for fertile nature.
This exhibition traces the artistic evolution of Koji Kinutani, a nationally significant painter who continues to give full play to his many talents, from the four perspectives of genesis, formation, blossoming and leap.

Special Exhibition: “A Link of Lives That Lights Up the Sky”

December 19th 2020 (Saturday) - June 28th 2021 (Monday)
Koji Kinutani brings us the brilliance of life, dazzling with color.
The dazzling, pearl-like memories of the artist - the memories of his youth, the landscape of the life changing Italy, the birth of life, the hopes and dreams of his children, and the precious love and bonds with his family - adorn his work.
This will be the exhibition to feature "Dazzling Life," a father-daughter collabortion with Kanako Kinutani, his second daughter and painter, and "Self-Portrait: Dream" and "Jet Black Self-Portrait," both of which are based on the Heart Sutra, a work on wisdom for life. It will explore the connection of life as woven by Kinutani's timeless and powerfully luminous works.

Special Exhibition: “The Descent of the Muses ~ Renaissance”

August 1st 2020 (Saturday) - December 14th 2020 (Monday)
Natural disasters, epidemics, ravages of wars...the human history is as much a journey where we learn to overcome numerous hardships to realize "the brilliance of life" as it is an accumulation of all the training that we come across along the way.
People have sought out miracles through art and believed in the power of art.
"Renaissance" is one magnificent gift that Koji Kinutani Tenku Art Museum has for all humanity. It gives courage to the weary human mind and invites everyone to the world of abundant images in which the whole universe is transformed into a countless different forms. Be ready for our first exhibit - the giant spinning sculpture "The Morning Sun Mt.Fuji and Two Dragons Each Gripping a Ball - Dharma-Gate of Non-Duality".

3rd Anniversary Exhibition
”Brilliant! Challenging Multi-dimensional Space” –Flat,Solid and in 3D Images-

This is a special exhibition introducing Kinutani World, which celebrates Olympic Year and boldly challenges the boundaries of expression in multiple dimensions.You are ivited to experience the visceral sensations of a rich image world that encompasses everything from planes through solids to 3D images across a variety of themes.
Also exhibited, for the first time ever, a large-scale work produced through Kinutani’s heroic labors:‘Paying Homage to Heiji Monogatari Emaki (Night Attack on Sanjo Palace, from the Illustrated Scrolls of Events from the Heiji Era) Rebuking (left) and Sunyata (right)’.
In addition, a permanent display corner, “Birth of a Fresco Painter”, has now been set up in the atelier; here, you can enjoy Kinutani’s early works.

Special Exhibition: “A Time Trip - Arcadia”

The Sun, the Moon and a Pegasus Soar

July 3rd 2019 (Wednesday) - December 16th 2019 (Monday)
Kinutani’s world depicting all things in nature throughout all times and places. Underlying his imaginary world, which is replete with a magnificent display of colors, is his infinite admiration for life with an affectionate eye on humanity. It is fertility itself which embraces the sins and punishments of mankind with a steady gaze at its stupidity. Beyond sorrow and agony stands a grand flower; so, too, does a door to hope. This, then, is Kinutani’s time trip, bound for a utopia. Sometimes, his world presents an idyllic space for healing that enables us to blend with nature; at other times, it sends out a powerful message for the salvation of mankind through the teachings of Buddha.
What utopia will the audiences see through their 2D and 3D experiences in the art of Kinutani’s world at its full blast? Let us take off on a dazzling time trip!

2nd Anniversary Special Exhibition
“The Power to Dream”
Grand Theater of the Imagination

‘Yumemuhen’ (‘Infinite Dreams’),‘Heiji no Ran’ (‘Heiji Rebellion’) [3D video]

December 21th 2018 (Friday) - June 26th 2019 (Wednesday)
‘Yumemuhen’ (‘Infinite Dreams’), the impressive 3D video art piece proudly displayed at the Koji Kinutani Tenku Art Museum.
This piece has been joined by a new video work, ‘Heiji no Ran’ (‘Heiji Rebellion’), created to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the opening of the Museum.
Featuring two works of 3D video installation, it is the first time this work, one that offers a window into the interweaving stillness and motion to be found in Kinutani’s colorful world, has been displayed.
This special exhibition also includes all 20 panels that comprise the famed fresco mural ‘Arabesque’ that was formerly on display at the Aoyama Children’s Castle in Tokyo.
The viewer is invited into this great theater of dreams comprised of a riot of color contained in video, paintings, and sculpture.

A Special Exhibition Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Umeda Sky Building
‘Tenku Fantasy’
– The Amazing Floating Garden Experience –

"Flying dragon frolicing around the Sky Building" (Painting)

June 27th 2018 (Wednesday) - December 17th 2018 (Monday)
To mark the 25th anniversary of the completion of the Umeda Sky Building, the Koji Kinutani Tenku Art Museum is proud to bring this exhibition that features two masterpieces that represent the Umeda Sky Building created by the artist himself.

The Floating Garden Observatory that sits atop the Umeda Sky Building attracts over 1.5 million visitors each year, its spectacular panoramic views across the Osaka skyline captivating tourists from across the globe. Located on the 27th floor of the West Tower, the Koji Kinutani Tenku Art Museum is a “beauty power spot” that seeks to enliven humanity through the power of art and is a space that transports the visitor on a dreamlike journey. A world of rich colors and amazing imagery awaits.

Take some time to forget the hustle and bustle of daily life and heal yourself with beauty to your heart’s content at the Koji Kinutani Tenku Art Museum.

Special Exhibition: ‘A Message of Peace – Passion, Vitality, Prayer’

‘Nagoya Castle and the rising golden sun’

March 28th 2018 (Wednesday) - June 25th 2018 (Monday)
Artist Koji Kinutani has always believed that “Art is more powerful than any weapon in the world!”
Art helps transcend the barriers of language, religion, environments and history that tend to divide human beings. It is indeed a prayer for peace, and a harbinger of a promising and bright future, away from conflict.
It is now, more than ever, that this world needs the power of art.
We hope that visitors to this exhibition can enjoy viewing the various worlds envisaged by Koji Kinutani, from the various aspects of contemporary society to mythologies, and experience for themselves the feelings of dreams, hope and the joy of love that lie beyond the realms of anger and sorrow.

‘non voglio più Room of tears Ⅱ’

1st anniversary special exhibition

December 21th 2017 (Thursday) - March 26th 2018 (Monday)
It has been a year since Koji Kinutani Tenku Art Museum opened last December. A great many people have visited us as the place to send out culture and art in Umeda, Osaka. For a special exhibition commemorating our first anniversary, we will host “Time brimming with joy - sing, eat, love, and art -”.
Koji Kinutani went to Italy to study fresco painting (mural) in the 1970s. He was truly amazed at the atmosphere he felt there and the people who were innocent and enjoying their lives, and formed the original point of those current works overflowing with energy. We are displaying amusing and joyful works expressing the delightful Italian feeling “Amare, cantare e mangiare (Love, sing and eat)”.
We hope you will enjoy this blissful time to your heart’s content.